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Besides full automatic trading Gunbot can be used to assist manual trading, for example you can buy assets manually and setup Gunbot to only sell those assets using a powerful trailing system. You can set per pair limits for the amount of base currency to invest per trade. The trading limit can be set as an absolute amount, or as a percentage of the available base currency. When selling, you can choose to sell all quote currency, or keep a number of quote units. GunBot can be set to ignore small holdings below the exchange minimum trade size.

Where is Cryptohopper located?

Cryptohopper is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and has 1 office location across 1 country.

We are expanding our service and are ready to share our profit with those loyal who believe that together we will achieve the best. We are happy to announce that any our client can become a GRAVIEX partner and receive dividends in BTC coin from BTC turnover on the GRAVIEX Exchange. GRAVIEX.APP designed to make crypto-trading process easy, user-friendly, and plain. Basically, GRAVIEX.APP is a classic application for trading crypto-assets. It will be suitable for common users, trading enthusiasts and professional traders. Highlighted functionality, markets management, ordering, fast and responsive UI, true real-time. Future functionality, dividends management, in-market algorithmic trading strategies. Coinrule empowers traders to compete with professional algorithmic traders and hedge funds. Set custom automated trades and never miss a rally or get caught in a dip. Coinrule obsessively seeks out effective market indicators to enable smart allocation of funds while putting you in control of your trading machine.


The principle behind Gunbot is the same that drives other trading bots. It utilizes a computer algorithm that is designed to improve the accuracy of your crypto trades. Gunbot uses APIs to draw relevant data about the cryptocurrencies of your choice. This data is then analyzed to produce trading signals which trigger a trade. The bot features several popular built-in trading strategies such as Ichimoku, Ping-Pong, and TSSL. Gunbot was created by Gunther De Niro and first launched in 2016. As such, it is one of the older cryptocurrency trading bots on the market today which has proven itself over a few years. Gunbot is software for trading cryptocurrencies on major crypto exchanges such as Coinbase Pro and Kraken.

The plan offers one-time payment, lifetime license, lifetime updates, license for all exchanges, premium support, TradingView add-on, and Backtesting add-on, and Crypto Sight profit tracker. Gunbot offers free software updates at zero cost to the traders. You need to pay only at the time of creating your account. No additional charges are required to be paid in case of upgrades. Gunbot website or the official forum are a good place to get the bot; alternatively, you can check out the complete list of authorized Gunbot dealers here.

Whats New In Gunbot V12

As any successful crypto endeavor tends to experience, Gunbot recently saw its community create an ERC-20 token for it. The token is called Gunthy and can be purchased either by buying a Gunbot license or by buying it on an exchange ( is currently the only exchange trading it). Gunbot was first released in December 2016 and quickly evolved from a one man show to an awesome community with thousands of traders and a professional team of devs and support admins. New features based on user input are constantly added, in very close collaboration with our users. In theory you can just start it without further adjustments, as the default balance setting are set appropriately for BTC pairs. You will see that the default buy level settings, which is the primary buy trigger in the gain strategy, is set fairly conservative, it might take long before it first trades.

Say you invest $1,000 per month into an asset for five consecutive months. Now, if the prices at the end of each month were $95, $80, $70, $90, and $100, your average price of the asset would be $85.5. If you invested the entire amount in the very beginning, you would have paid $100 per share. DCA Bots can automate this process, thus saving you money. Through deep machine learning, an AI bot can actually analyze and understand gunbot settings data – thus, it can adjust its own algorithms in order to adapt to new data. While it isn’t 100% necessary for your crypto bot to have AI features, it can be a great way to take some of the analytical burdens off of your shoulders. The last point on the features list was AI algorithms. Why is this beneficial, and is it different from a bot? AI strategies are more dynamic than the strategies a traditional crypto bot uses.

Min Volume To Sell

They share strategies and tips, which can be of great help to the beginners. It also provides many precoded strategies for traders to use. You can gain minimal amounts of profit by using Gunbot since the number of trades done per day is very less. New strategy parameters for v12 will be automatically added through the gui the first time you update a strategy. Telegram support groups, Slack, ticket systems, email, phone support and more are also available. The software doesn’t work on a subscription principle but instead commands a single, one time purchase which nets you the bot and lifetime support/software updates.

Bots that have social trading hardcoded in will automate this process. There are some specific key functions to keep in mind when considering a cryptocurrency trading bot. You might come across these functions when researching bots, so it’s important you understand exactly what each one means. If you use a costly crypto trading bot, it reduces the amount of money that you can funnel into your portfolio. We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t use an expensive bot – but you should be sure to weigh the rewards gunbot settings vs. the cost. A $1,000 bot will likely just be eating into your portfolio. So, we tried to find bots that both provide high-quality services while also fitting into a modest budget. CryptoTrader is an automated cloud-based crypto trading bot. This bot allows you to build your own algorithmic trading programs in only a few minutes and you don’t have to install it in your system. Additionally, TradeSanta offers technical indicators , an extra orders feature, buying coins for a commission, etc.

Available Exchanges

Gunbot is a trading automation software for cryptocurrencies, also known as a crypto trading bot. Catalyst is an algorithmic trading library for crypto-assets written in Python. It allows trading strategies to be easily expressed and backtested against historical data , providing analytics and insights regarding a particular strategy’s performance. Catalyst also supports live-trading of crypto-assets starting with four exchanges with more being added over time. Catalyst empowers users to share and curate data and build profitable, data-driven investment strategies. Please visit to learn more about Catalyst. Catalyst builds on top of the well-established Zipline project. We did our best to minimize structural changes to the general API to maximize compatibility with existing trading algorithms, developer knowledge, and tutorials.

  • A method using the ATR indicator to provide a configurable trailing stop.
  • To include your old bags in the config file that Gunbot Autoconfig creates, you need to make sure that these pairs have been in your setup once.
  • When using Gain as a buying strategy, it will buy at a fixed percentage below the lowest EMA at that moment.
  • The list includes Binance, KuCoin, Latoken, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bitfinex, and many more.
  • Intraday price movements are important to day traders who want to make several trades during a single session.
  • When you manually place a trade, there is always the chance that you might mistakenly enter or exit the trade at the wrong price points.

If you want to avoid this, don’t set a very high selling range. To use it, go to the advanced strategy editor and create a new strategy with “spotGrid” as buying and selling method. Only the visible options have any effect on trades. Many of our blog readers have questions regarding crypto trading bots, so we’ll answer the most common ones here. For instance, let’s say that you have an arm trailing stop-loss set to 3% and a trailing stop-loss percentage set to 1%.

Get funds for trading and increase your order volume with the highest leverage on the market. Go mobile with the StormGain app or use the web platform anytime. Invest in and store major cryptos with our free, user-friendly, multi-currency wallet. Keep your funds safe with industry-leading security protocols. Why Security is Important to Some If you leave the Gunbot GUI settings at default and use the default port of , then you run the risk of being too-easily discovered by remote systems.
gunbot settings
They are using new Machine Learning models for trading bitcoins. Plus, we still offer our free demo to try everything out first! Detailed settings descriptions for the Tradingview add-on IMAP listener available on a dedicated is it still worth it to invest in bitcoin coinbase bank account verification time. The company notes that its algorithmic trading does not predict markets perfectly. Bitmex is added as a trading market in Gunbot v We have just released Airbag. Trality is the platform for anyone to create and invest through automated trading bots. While professional traders successfully use automated trading, over 80% of private traders lose money due to emotional bias and lack of automation. That’s why we build the first marketplace for trading bots that is available for traders of all levels of experience.

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