Dacca is an artisanal streetfashion label. We work with Bengali artisans and craftsmen to create avant garde streetwear staples. We go into the roots of a craft and tell stories of the state of Bengali artisanal culture and it’s rich legacy.

Each Dacca collection is conceptualized around Bengali cultural boundaries while simultaneously divulging into contemporary urban wear.

We sustainably source, make and package with utmost attention to details. We believe, the 21st century will be shaped around organic businesses, denunciation of over consumption, minimalism and cautious consumption. Thus we consciously try to reduce wastage in our production process also stressing over our carbon footprint

Through Dacca, we try to present our audience with the tales straight from the artisans of rural Bengal. We show you a perspective seldom mentioned in the fashion scene that is, form the view point of the cloth maker. The fashion world seems glitzy and glossy but the further you go down to the production chain, the grimmer it becomes. Our clothes aren’t cultivated, it is made; with human labor. A fact often overshadowed by the industry’s supposed glamour.

Dacca makes sure it’s factories are following the protocols necessary for its employees which also includes a fair wage. Dacca makes sure it’s production chain is untouched by contamination caused by unfair share of equities which is very evident in the business of making clothes.

Talking about our inspirations, we are heavily interested in Skateboarding culture and admire the works of brands like Palace, Vans and Supreme. We drool over Demna Gvasalia’s ironic/ugly fashion movement with Vetements and Balenciaga.Dacca’s latent inspirations are Virgil Abloh’s work with Pyrex Vision, Off-White and Louis Vuitton. We acknowledge Kanye’s contribution to this culture. Jun Takahashi, Rei Kuwokabo, Nigo along with Hiroshi Fujiwara are our inspirations from the birthplace of today’s streetfashion culture, Tokyo, Japan. We will consciously make clothes to reflect the impact Raf Simons and Rick Owens has on our design philosophy.