Dacca is an experimental clothing line attempting to decontextualize Bangladeshi apparel artisanship and urban fashion simultaneously. A blend of high streets and traditional artisanship. It is established on the essence of sustainability, fair trade, conscious consumption and inclusivity. Dacca strives to provide a uniquely Bangladeshi lifestyle experience while encouraging social change.

Dacca aims to employ textile artisans around the country putting forth their art of making clothes. The artisans whose works were marginalized by the mammoth garments industry fueling the overconsumption of the western and local consumers alike. Many of these textile arts are extinct or on the brink of extinction. Through Dacca we showcase these precious artforms before they are gone forever.

We denounce ‘economies of scale’ from our ethos. Each Dacca piece is individually crafted not mass produced, preserving the significance. We want to inspire and share the stories of the people we will be working with. Putting life into each work, so you know the emotion and love that goes behind a piece of cloth.