Dacca Masks

A set of artisanal re-washable masks, triple layered with insulated material. A curated collection with eccentric embroideries, inspired from the love of ethnic textiles crafts and weaving.

It is also a subtle indication to the creative vicinity of Dacca As the ongoing pandemic leaves a catastrophic impact on the global economy; the RMG industry is having to deal with the harshest implications; more than most other sectors. Moreover, the denial of payment by big name buyers are further crippling the industry. Many of the factories are closing down due to shrinking orders and some might not even open at all. As a consequence, low wage garments workers – among whom 60% are women – are losing their jobs and having their pays cut.

Dacca, from its humble position, pledges to donate the profits from the sale of these masks towards organisations helping the disenfranchised garment workers. These donations will help them buy groceries, pay rent or/and pay for the educational expenses of their children.


According to Center for Disease Control (CDC), “A cloth face covering may not protect the wearer, but it may keep the wearer from spreading the virus to others.” So the case for cloth masks is basically “Your mask protects me, my mask protects you”. Cloth masks are most likely to reduce the spread of Covid-19 when they are widely used by people in a public setting. Dacca Masks aren’t a substitute for surgical masks or respirators. We strongly suggest you to wear medical grade masks where social distancing and other safety measures aren’t possible.