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  • “UNTITLED” by Prithi Khalique

    ৳ 1,550.00

    “UNTITLED” by Prithi Khalique This piece is made in collaboration with Prithi Khalique. Our very first design collaboration with an artist; she creates vivid realities through her abstractionist work. The graphic on the back is inspired by a “Remix of different symbols taken from different textiles/Dhaka October; color influenced by the royal blue sky, oranges,…

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    Hazy Shah Jahan

    ৳ 1,250.00

    Hazy Shah Jahan Painting by Hashim c.1650 Shah Jahan had a natural love for magnificence, which was reflected in the way he ruled. During his 30 year-long reigns, art and literature flourished throughout the subcontinent. He was a liberal, a stark contrast from his successor. Hazy Shah Jahan recalls the legacy of a ruler who…

  • Nain Sukh

    ৳ 1,250.00

    Nain Sukh This piece is inspired by the lavishness of Mughal empresses. The graphic on the back is a “Pahari” miniature painting; an art movement that started in the 17th century in the Himalayan region which particularly influenced Mughal miniature paintings and the paintings of the subcontinent in general. Polo collar Oversized Printed painting on…