Fall, 2020
Comilla, Bangladesh

Deep into the heart of rural Comilla, in a village named Debidwar; lives a community of artisans practicing and making a living out of a millenia old weavinfg craft, Khadi.

Revived around the time of the Indian Revolution against the British Raj by the great leader, Mohan Das Gandhi; Khadi has existed, in some form, for over thousands of years in the subcontinent.

Dacca’s Khadi Patch T collection is an homage to this intricate craftform in it’s dying years.


Chittaharan Debnath

Khadi Artisian

Chittaharan Debnath’s earliest memories are of his father, weaving in same cottage he weaves now, 65 years later.

Times are, of course, way different than the when his father used to weave. Khadi was all the rage back then, people rejected Bristish made clothes.

Nationalism and non conformity with european goods and sentiments was the counter culture and the epicenter being areas like Chittaharan Debnath’s birthplace i.e rural Bengal.

The deep sense of nationalism grasped a whole nation. Mr. Debnath, following his father, took up Khadi weaving as a livelihood so did alot of other families in his village.


Khadi weaving is now in it’s extinction years. Only two families practice the craft in the area. Which was booming with Charkas half a century ago. From a lack of capital, innovation and scarce man power, Khadi artisans are having a rough time trying to make a livelihood out of it.

Dacca’s Khadi T collection is a glorification of an iconic Bengali artisanal craft. We tried to showcase this beautiful weaving form with Bengali renaissance paintings.

Dacca is glad to be a participant in Khadi’s legacy. All the Khadi in the collection were sustainably handweaved in Comilla. Dacca plans to work more with Khadi in the coming times. 

We are forever grateful to the Khadi weaving community of Debidwar for their service and hospitality.